classical music radio host

1981 - 2000s

In 1981 classical music came to radio listeners fulltime with the establishment of KHPR, Hawaii Public Radio and R. Alan Campbell was evening host and eventually afternoon host. Campbell retired from Hawaii 1n 1994. He syndicated classical music programs for several years from his retirement home in Mexico.  His final efforts in classical music programming were for  Presenting classical music on Internet broadcasting. 
During his classical music career he had the opportunity to meet and interview many classical music celebrities.  Roberta Peters, Van Cliburn, Lang Lang and others. Campbell produced and hosted three live concerts with conductor Arthur Fiedler and assisted Dr. Karl Haas on a dozen Adventures In Good Music radio programs.




R. Alan Campbell was classical music host at Philadelphia's WFLN as evening host and later afternoon host working with John Edwards, Jim Keeler and Ralph Collier.

1963 USAF Band and Symphony Orchestra


In 1963 R.Alan Campbell was invited by USAF Band Col. George S. Howard to become a Singing Sergeant with primary position as recording engineer and radio producer with announcing assignments for USAF recruiting projects such as the syndicated Serenade In Blue series.  Located at Bolling Air Force Base, Anacostia DC.

1960 - 1963


Attending American University R. Alan Campbell worked part time at several stations in the DC area. Presenting classical music on WASH-FM, WITH-FM, Baltimore and several series on the Educational network from WAMU-FM.



R. Alan Campbell presenting classical music program to listeners in Boston Ma from Emerson College station WERS-FM.